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Quills and Cowboys

Updated: Jul 5, 2021


I’m a stationery nerd. I was one of those kids who got excited over one of those Holly Hobby writing sets.

This week, Mr. Ed gave me a gift, for no apparent reason. Well, not one that I'm aware of, yet. A feather quill ink pen and wax seal set. Perhaps I'll find some nice parchment and start up calligraphy again. Don't judge me.

“Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng, is what I'm reading. That's 2 non-Australian authors’ books in a row now but I’ve got Kitty Flanagan’s “488 Rules for Life” waiting in the wings, as my penance. No offence intended Kitty.

Mr. Ed and I are binge watching Stan’s, “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner *sigh* I’m so hooked on “Yellowstone” and Kevin, that I might have smiled at Mr. Ed the other night like he was Kevin, which got me into all sorts of trouble. We’ve caught up now – no, not Mr. Ed and I – on episodes I mean, so now I have to wait until Monday nights for my next Yellowstone fix.


I learnt never to buy body sculpting stockings again. Why stockings? Good question, but it’s been cold, and I thought they’d keep me warmer in my work slacks. Trying to pour myself into them meant doing the side-kick-hitch and something that resembled standing breaststroke, and even then the crotch was well below my own. Take it from me, a saggy crotch makes one very irritable. It was a fight getting into them but trying to get back into them once I had gone to the Ladies Room was a much uglier fight. Maybe I should have bought extra-large. Or just stuck with tights.

Lesson learnt.

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