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Stellar, not Stellar

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

It’s happened. I hit menopause and turned into a grumpy old lady.

I’m not referring to the 2017 State of Origin when I had to yell at the girlies in front to stand for the National Anthem. Although, they deserved my mother-voice in their perky ears. (It’s an outdated National Anthem that’s not quite right for us, but it’s our only National Anthem.)

Apart from the National Anthem and our young folk, I’ve found another very serious issue. So serious, I was compelled to write an email, that went like this…

“Dear Editor,

My copy of the new look ‘Stellar’ Lift-Out went straight in the bin today.

Usually my husband and I settle in for our individual ‘reads’ – his, the Sunday Mail and mine, columns in the lift-out by Frances Whiting and Rory Gibson. When I found today that Frances and Rory were now inside the newspaper, we joked about how we were going to share. But this is not the reason ‘Stellar’ went in the bin.

It seems, while the rest of us are fighting battles to protect our children from explicit sexual material on the internet and on social media, the Sunday Mail is promoting it. I strongly object to an article about sex toys, with pictures and ‘instructions’, in a publication that is very easily accessed by children. There would be many parents who would trust your content and not even consider having to censor a Sunday newspaper from their kids. In this respect, you have failed parents.

I am not a prude. I often had, and still have open and honest discussions with my children. But I am appalled – shame on you Sunday Mail. Your Stellar Magazine is not so stellar.”

No, I have not written my email yet to Toni & Guy about their ‘beachy waves spray’ turning my hair to steel-wool. Perhaps I should write it now, while I’m on a roll.

Morals and ethics are contentious issues and I have always believed our world is big enough for all opinions. With Bathurst on my tele as I type this, I've been thinking... I’m not sure how I feel about a world with no Holden cars and no national pride, where we choose who’s allowed into the great state of Queensland based on what it’s worth to us, and where there’s sex toys in newspapers.

Along with being let down by the Courier Mail, it’s been a weekend of disappointments with footy underdogs, the Raiders and Lions going down.

I’d like to hear your Aussie take on football, national pride, Courier rules, and Holden cars. “I Am Woman” is still at the top of my playlist, but I’m satisfied for opinions on sex toys to be kept in bedside drawers.

I am strong. I am invincible. I am Australian.

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