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Bottle in the Sand

I found a bottle in the sand,

Not the floating message kind,

This time, I found a bottle tree,

It was an unexpected find.


They are a favourite tree of mine,

And I have joked before,

It’s because they grow wide with age,

And with years, I too, grow more.


I believe that as time goes by,

They swell with life they’ve seen,

The more they fill with memories,

The greater life has been.


Legend says, the Nature Spirit,

Turned bottle trees upside down,

Even if roots did face up,

It adapts to life around.


Some stories say they grow so big,

That you could live inside,

Which would be good, when life is hard,

And you want somewhere to hide.


I bought one for my brother,

It grows strong, in his front yard,

But he’s not with us anymore,

And losing him is hard.


I think this bottle in the sand,

Is a message from my brother,

To live our lives, fully in the sun,

And share memories with each other.

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1 Comment

Mar 25, 2023

Love these stories so much ❤️

And love you all ❤️

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