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Loved & Learned

Updated: Jul 5, 2021


This week, I LOVED “The Breakdown” by UK writer, B. A. Paris. A whodunnit style thriller, I was hooked from the first chapter to the last. This suspense novel had enough twists and turns to weave a masterful plot and had me guessing until the end. Do yourself a favour… borrow it, buy it, READ IT!

I ALSO LOVED MY NEW BED this week. The last twenty-six years have seen other priorities: school shoes, washing powder, lunch-box food, and coffee, to name a few. So Mr Ed and I made furniture last longer than anyone would. Now that we’ve reached our late afternoon years (not quite our twilight years yet), a new bed suddenly became important to my hips/shoulders/neck. And just like Goldilocks it had to be just right – not too soft, not too hard, and with a price that didn’t have us screaming in terror. We could not afford ‘Bellissimo’.

I was nostalgic at the dismantling of the old bed – there were a lot of... memories and not just the obvious ones (at this point, my kids will be blocking their ears and humming). In that mahogany timber with the tulip cut-out, I’d nursed 4 new babies, read thousands of stories, had little feet climb in because they were sick or scared, and had teenagers sit on the edge because they needed to tell me something.

My reward now for having the same bed for twenty-six years is a mattress that’s “just right” and a bedhead with built-in reading light, bookshelf and secret cabinetry for snacks/books/stuff you hide. I’ve forgotten its store name because I’ve renamed it the “Readermatic 2020” – its my version of bed-readers Heaven.


Check your garden gloves before shoving your pinkies in. I don’t know who got the biggest fright – the skink or me. Lesson learnt.

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